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Image of Until We Are All Free
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Until We Are All Free

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More than a hundred different species and colors of hummingbirds have been migrating from Central America across the Sonoran desert and back for thousands of years. The migratory journey of the hummingbird is an ancient cycle that outlives every border drawn by nation-states. Similar to the hummingbirds, the immigration of Black and Brown people of color is driven by the radical imagination of a future free of borders, incarceration and white-supremacy. As Black and Brown migrants and refugees soar and sail on their ships across the border, their bodies transform into hummingbirds. The friction of their solidarity forms a monumental hummingbird–the migrant justice movement–a living community that breathes, soars and imagines together. Our heart is beating three hundred times a minute.

The original goauche painting was commissioned by Culture Strike for their Until We All Are Free campaign.

Image of Until We Are All Free