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Image of Polaris Andino Screenprint
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Polaris Andino Screenprint

Art by Layqa Nuna Yawar, a migrant Latinx public artist from Ecuador, and based in Newark, NJ. @layqanunayawar

Rainbow Roll Screenprint. Limited edition of 50, signed by the artist.

“I write to remind us all that migration is not a crime and that justice and freedom for all is a promise often only fulfilled for those with privilege. As the USA celebrates freedom it also incarcerates families seeking refuge from death and fear, many of those families looked at the North Star for guidance in the darkness the same way that I searched for Polaris in the night sky from my home in the Andes as a kid and imagined my migration, imagine the north, but never imagined the horrible present we live in today.” — Layqa Nuna Yawar

Hand printed by Ocelot Printshop on mountain paper, a community-owned printshop in Detroit